To Know You Better


We know every girl’s dream is to look beautiful on every occasion however when it comes to footwear, everybody has a hard time deciding which would look best.

Sometimes we want to wear heels to make us look stunning, but deep down we know that being beautiful is inseparable with pain. When we decide to wear more comfortable options such as sneakers, insecurities arise in our minds.

We, Cleo Cletta understand and consider all of your possible insecurities and we’re here to be your one step solution.
Our shoes will provide you with Guaranteed Comfort that allows you to concentrate on your unique style while still being comfortable for all-day wear

Our shoes range from size 34 to 44 ( details on our size guide ), customized to your feet’s width, so we all can experience the thrill of trying different styles without compromising on comfort. Moving forward let us embrace our self confidence and forget all those feelings about pain and discomfort and simply love what you wear.

We are here to help you embrace your unique fashion sense with comfort.
We want to know you better


Heartfeltly Crafted Details


Start our journey in 2019, we have a longer history in shoes production to begin with. Manufacturing shoes for more than 25 years ago, we learned that design, quality, precision and comfort are the main keys to fulfill customers satisfaction.

 Until now, we’re still adjust to our customers needs, absorb every of their ideas and giving them our best.

Not to mention, controlling our quality are always our concern.

We’ve continuously learned from time to time, that by constantly keeping in touch with customers we can make shoes every girls wants.